Seoithín, seo hó is an old Irish Gaelic lullaby. Some people in the olden days believed that fairies would abduct babies. That's why there's the threat in this song that the baby must go to sleep before the fairies can lure him away.

Humming is often weaved between the verses in Irish lullabies.

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You can hear a recording of another version of Seoithín, seo hó here. In that version, which is sung by Joe Éinniú (Heaney), he talks about the song and how humming was weaved into it. He said, "I remember my grandmother singing this for my youngest sister, and she used to hum…after she sang the verse, she used to hum, too."

In the video, after the chorus is sung the singer Shauna Mullin hums and scats around some of the lyrics and then goes back to the verses.
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The illustration comes from "The Lullaby : with original engravings" (c1851). It was graphically edited by Mama Lisa.