Julie wrote, "This is a rhyme that I remember my grandfather using to bounce me on his knee. I suspect it came down the family from his grandfather who emigrated to Australia from England in the mid 1880's. It sounds similar to one of the Mother Goose rhymes I think, but I have never heard it since."


"I'd love to know where this variant came from." -Julie

Jon wrote from England:

Hello. Not sure how long ago this post was made. But I just looked up this rhyme because I also remember it from my childhood. My grandfather used it and it has come down my family ever since. And like the lady who posted it I have never heard it anywhere else. My memory of it is as follows :

My lord and my lady went out in the park
To have a nice ride before it got dark.
My lady went amble amble amble
My lord went gallop a gallop a gallop
But John the man he was so fine
He stayed behind to drink the wine
Into the ditch he went!

Kids love it to this day
Best wishes
Jon Hayter.

You can hear Jon recite the rhyme on this page.

If anyone has any info about this rhyme, even if it's to share your memories of it, please email me. Thanks! Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Julie Frost for sharing this rhyme.