"I live in Ireland, and my grandad used to sing it to me like this..." -Sarah


Sarah wrote, "I'm only 19, so it wasn't very long ago that my grandad sang it to me. He used to sing it to my dad as well when he was little. I'm guessing it's been passed down through the generations."


Cathie shared this version, with the note, "Irish Dad and I miss him a billion..."

There was a little man and he had a little gun
And through the cornflakes he would run
With his belly full of fat and a big top hat
And a pancake tied to his bum bum bum!


Sylvia Davidson wrote:

"My grandfather (born in 1908) sang this song, but he had a slightly different version..."

Oh there was a little boy,
And he had a little gun,
And through the fields,
He would run, run, run,
With a belly full of fat,
And a skillet for a hat,
And a pancake tied,
To his bum, bum, bum!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Sarah for sharing the 1st version of this rhyme, to Cathie for the 2nd version and to Sylvia for the 3rd version!

Thank you!