*Re. "Batir" - "batir" is a Lunfardo verb meaning "to tell, to say". "Lunfardo" is Spanish slang which originated in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Lunfardo is often found in the lyrics of tangos.


Here is a short genesis of "Tango para chicos"

One morning Graciela Pesce was about to send her son to school, the boy, was reluctant at first. Then with much more determination he expressed his will not to go that day, since they had… "Ugh, tango!". That Mom, an author and composer, knew at once what she must do… set out to teach her son what tango is. Talking in clear and easily understandable speech, she created a series of tangos "for kids". Preschool teacher, workgroup manager, educationalist and composer, Graciela Pesce released her first "Tango para chicos" CD in 1998 and considering the success from the reviewers and sales, she started a series that included several cd's.


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Graciela Pesce and Daniel Yarmolinski for contributing this song by Graciela Pesce from Tango para chicos.

¡Muchas gracias!

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