I asked Monique about the name of the Nasturtium Dance and she wrote, "The Dictionnaire Historique de la Langue Française says that "capucine" (nasturtium) gave its name to a color and that it's used in the song for obscure reasons, maybe because of the shape of the skirts when the girls crouch down."

Game Instructions

The children walk in a circle, hand in hand. At the end of the song, they squat down then start the game again.


The last line of each verse is declaimed/chanted.

Only the first three verses have been recorded.

There are two tunes to this song. The midi music plays them both, separated by a blank measure.



Many thanks to Edit' Dupont for contributing and singing this song for Mama Lisa's World.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Dansons la capucine

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translation: Monique Palomares

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