I asked Monique about the name of the Nasturtium Dance and she wrote, "The Dictionnaire Historique de la Langue Française says that 'capucine' (nasturtium) gave its name to a color and that it's used in the song for obscure reasons, maybe because of the shape of the skirts when the girls crouch down."

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The last line of each verse is declaimed/chanted.

Game Instructions

Children walk in a circle, hand in hand. At the end of the song, they squat down. Then they start the game all over again.


There are two tunes to this song. The midi music plays them both, separated by a blank measure.


You can hear the first three verses in the recording below.


Many thanks to Edit' Dupont for contributing and singing this song for Mama Lisa's World.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Dansons la capucine

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translation: Monique Palomares

Many thanks to Marion Ségissement for the illustration!

Merci beaucoup!