This chant is about types of punctuation and typing terms in Spanish…

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*This term doesn't exist in English typography, it means that you go on writing on the same line (vs "punto y aparte" which means "stop and start a new line" or "stop and start a new paragraph").

Game Instructions

Two children face each other, they interlace their (own) fingers and keep them that way for the whole rhyme.

(1) Era una paloma touch with the back of one's hands the back of the partner's hands and then the palms.
(2) Punto y coma touch your partner's right elbow with yours, then the left one.
Que perdió su nido like (1)
Punto y seguido like (2)
Lo perdió en el parque like (1)
Punto y aparte like (2)
Era un animal like (1)
Punto y final like (2).


Monique wrote: "The translation above is literal. Maybe a different rhyming version could be…"

It was a pigeon
That lost its nest
Stop and next*
It lost it in the vine
Stop, start a new line
It was an idiot
Final dot.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Jadwitza Alejandra Campos Brenes for contributing this song. Translated by Mama Lisa and Tatie Monique.

¡Muchas gracias!