Hamidah Bte Puteh sent this song with a note saying that Singapura means "Land of the Lion". Singa is lion in Malay.

This is the Malay version of "Singapura, Oh Singapura".

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Hamidah Bte Puteh wrote: "Hi Lisa,

I am currently on a personal mission to find old/traditional songs which we learnt as children in schools in Singapore. Singapore has 4 main races - Malay (original residents), Chinese and Indian (early settlers) and Eurasian. What is remarkable is that in the olden days, we all memorise songs of different languages even though we do not know the exact translation. And we still remember the songs! The lyrics are usually patriotic and inspiring - these songs were passed down generations.

However, with modernisation and commercialisation, these traditional songs are not taught in schools anymore. They are replaced with catchy ones and only in English. Except the national anthem which is still in Malay (the national language).

I have included the translation of the Malay (i.e. original) version of this song ...thanks for having it on your website (I could not find it elsewhere!)."

Hamidah Bte Puteh

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Hamidah Bte Puteh for contributing and translating this song.

Photo: Wikimedia

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