Bryan O'Lynn seems to come from the song Tom O'Lin. Tom O'lin is also known as "Thom of Lyn" and before that "Tamlene" or "Tam Lin". The oldest reference to Tom O'Lin is in "The complaynt of Scotland: Written in 1548".

Tom a lyn from the ballad is Tom Thumb (originally a dwarf from Scandinavia called Thaumlin). (Ref. "An explanatory and pronouncing dictionary of the noted names of fiction (1893). He is also called Tommelfinger (thumb) in Danish and Brian O'Lynn in Ireland.

There are several versions of these Tom O'Lin songs.


You can see and hear yet another version online.

Here's a clip from a version of Bryan O'Lynn…
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A slightly longer (and racier) version of this song can be found in "The Emerald; or, Book of Irish melodies" (1863).

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