This song is sung to the tune to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

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I yayamas

i yayamas i kali
ehi kotes stin avli
kotes ke kotopula,
hines ke hinopula.

ke ton proto petino
mesa solo to khoryo
pu lali kathe pro-i
stis yayamas tin avli

i yayamas i kali
ehi raptomikhani
pu ghazoni ke baloni
tu papu mas to pandeloni.

The accented vowels in the Greek text mark the stressed syllables
a = ah
e = eh
i = ee
o = oh
u = oo
y as in "you"
h as a German "ch" in "ich"
kh as a German "ch" in "Bach"
gh: a voiced "kh", a gargling sound without vibrations.
th as in "thick, thin"


Dina Melillos wrote: "I would like to be your friend as I love children too much. So I send this song from Alexandria, Egypt as I live here & I am from Greek origin.

I remember very well this song of my grandmother.

Hope this song makes all the kids of all the world be happy."

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Η γιαγιά

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Dina Melillos for contributing this song. Thanks to Sophia Marx for the translation.

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