Natalia wrote, "I was thinking hard about adding something to your collection. And here it is. It sounds really nice."


*Natalia said, "Doesn't mean anything."
I (Mama Lisa) put it into a translator, it translated it as, "Lullaby, Lyuli, lyulenki."

According to Learn Russian, "Люли" is an "old-Slavic goddess of the earth, and of spring, love, and fertility."

Natalia said, "In Russian it sounds very soothing and dovey :)"


I noticed Natalia's translation has less lines than the original. I tried to come up with a rough translation that matches the Russian (it's less poetical). Below you can read my results. I welcome help with a more literal translation...

Lullaby, lyuli, lyulenki,
Where are you, where are you, little doves?
Fly on the bed,
Start to coo.
Lullaby, lyuli, lyulenki,
They came flying to the bed
Sat down by your head
Guarding your sleep
Started to coo
Began to fall asleep.

Feel free to email me at with recommended changes or a new word-for-word translation. Thanks! Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Natalia for contributing and translating this song and to Rochelle for correcting the 2nd translation.

Bolshoe spasibo!

Большое спасибо!