This is a Greek swinging or see-saw song....

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Koonia bela
epes' i kopela
htipise to ghona tis
ke fonazi i nona tis

"e" as in "red"
"i" always sounds "ee"
"h" as "ch" in Scottish "loch"
"gh" a voiced "h", a gargling sound


Here's another version of this rhyme:

Κούνια, μπέλα
έσπασε η κουτέλα,
βγήκε μια κοπέλα,
που 'τρωγε σταφύλια.
Της ζήτησα μια ρώγα,
μου 'δωσε ένα μπάτσο,
έπεσα στο βάτο,
βγήκα το Σαββάτο.


Swing, my pretty one (bella)
You broke your forehead
A girl came out
Eating grapes
I asked for one
She gave me a slap
I fell into a bush
and came out on Saturday!


Koonia bella
Espase i kootela
Vyike mia kopela
Poo troye stafilia
Tis zitisa mia rogha
Moo dhose ena batso
Epesa sto vato
Vyika to savato

"s" always a hard "s", not "z"
"y" like in "you"
"dh" like "th" in the, this, there
"gh" a voiced gargling sound


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You can hear a variation of this rhyme here....
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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Penelope Karagouni for contributing and translating both versions of this song. She's familiar with the first one.

Illustrated by Monique Palomares.

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