A Playground Game Song

Lyndsey sent this song with the note, "This is a song that goes with a playground game…"

Game Instructions

Setting: there are two groups of kids. One group stands against one wall of the playground, the other group against the opposite wall. One person is the skipper and stands in the middle of the playground.
Game: Group one sings the song. The skipper says (preferably, otherwise the game is over…) yes. The group has to try to cross, but the skipper tries to catch (touch) as many 'sailors' as possible. All the people who have been touched by the skipper have to stay with him in the middle.
Then group two has to do the same, but it is getting ever more difficult, as there are ever more skippers in the middle to catch them.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Lyndsey Haezebrouck for contributing and translating this song.

Dank u wel!