This is the Dutch version of In a Cabin in a Wood...

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Kethy wrote regarding another version of this song, "I'm Flemish and live in France. I remember a song that my father used to sing me in Flemish:"

In het bos
daar staat een huisje
keek eens door het vensterraam
kwam een haasje aangelopen
klopte even aan
help mij help mij uit de nood
of de jager schiet me dood
kom maar in m'n huisje klein
k'zal u dankbaar zijn.


In the woods
There was a house
I was looking through the window,
A little hare running by
And knocking at my door.
"Help me, help me from the danger
Or the hunter will shoot me dead!"
"Come in my little house."
"I'll be grateful to you".

Here's how we did the movements:

'In the woods', we would do a big circle with both arms
'There was a house', we would do a little square with our fingers
'I was looking through the window' we would put our hand over our eyes (like the Indians)
'A little hare running by', we would do a 'bicycle pedaling' movement with our hands
'Knocking at the door', we would go 'knock-knock'
'Help me from the danger', we would put our hands on our shoulders and raise our arms up to the sky and move them down (twice)
'Or the hunter will shoot me dead' we would imitate the aiming hunter
'Come in my little house' a 'come here' gesture with our finger
'I'll be grateful to you', both arms crossed upon the heart and pat the hands.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Lyndsey Haezebrouck for contributing and translating this song. Many thanks to Kethy Van Rijckeghem for contributing the second version, a French translation and the movements to this song. Thanks to Monique Palomares for the English translations.

Dank u wel!