*A bee-gum is a bee-hive. Originally it was specifically a hive found in a hollow log or tree.


Roberta Perkins wrote:

"I am a re-enactor, banjo player; and historical/cultural enthusiast. I endeavor to find the African/African American sources of songs that interest me. I came across your site when I Googled 'provenance of Cluck Old Hen'. I also see two other songs that I have learned to play but the words are different from what I was given. 'Sugar in My Coffee' and 'Walkin' in the Parlor'---'Walkin' I play as a tune.

The words for 'Sugar in My Coffee' are:

How in the world do old folks know,
I like sugar in my coffee-o?
I'll tell you how they found out,
They saw sugar in the coffee spout.

I am enjoying seeing the African American origins for these tunes/songs..."


Different versions of this song exist in modern day U.S. Here's one...
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Thanks and Acknowledgements

This rhyme can be found in Negro Folk Rhymes, Wise and Otherwise, with a Study by Thomas W. Talley of Fisk University (1922).

Standard English version by Lisa Yannucci.