Here's another version of this song in Dutch as sent by Kim Welkenhuysen:

Zakdoek leggen Niemand zeggen
Kukele kukele hanepoot
Heb maar twee paar schoentjes aan
Een van stof en een van leer
Hier leg ik mijn zakdoek neer

English Translation:

Put down the handkerchief, don't tell anybody,
Cock-a-doodle-doo, cock-a-doodle-doo, crowfoot!
I have only two pairs of shoes on
One of cloth and one of leather,
Here I will put down my handkerchief.

These are slightly different instructions for playing the game as sent by Kim Welkenhuysen:

Zakdoek leggen Game - This is a game where all the children stand in a circle - facing inwards - and 1 child runs around the outside of the circle (holding a handkerchief), when s/he gets to "Hier leg ik mijn zakdoek neer" s/he drops the handkerchief behind another child's back and that child has to catch the "dropper" before she-he goes around in a full circle...

Game Instructions

A whole group of children sit in a circle. One kid does not sit, and holds a handkerchief. Everybody starts singing the song and in the meantime the hanky-kid runs around the circle (outside of it), the other kids do not look back. When the song is finished, the hanky-kid puts the hanky behind somebody's back. That somebody has to take the hanky, get up and try to get the hanky-kid. The hanky kid has to try to not be caught and run round the circle as fast as possible, and try to sit down in his hunter's place. If he can do that, then he won that round and the hunter becomes the hanky-kid. If he cannot, and he is caught then either he becomes the hanky-kid again, or he has to go and sit in the middle of the circle and the hunter becomes the hanky-kid (other version).

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Lyndsey Haezebrouck for contributing and translating the 1st version of this song and for the game instructions. Thanks also to Kim Welkenhuysen for the 2nd version of this song and for also sending game instructions. The second version was translated by Lisa Yannucci.

Dank u wel!