Pronunciation of 1st Version:

To pedhakee moo to roosso
Na talaxo na to loosso

Na to stilo stin thaskala
Na ne pio omorfo apo t'ala.

Here's Another Version:

Το παιδί το ρούσσικο
Το ξανθομαλλούσικο.
Το παιδί το μάλαμμα
Τι το θέλει τ'άλλαμα

English Translation:

My rosy child,
My fair-haired child,
A child all gold,
What need has he to change clothes?

Pronunciation of 2nd Version:

To pedhee to roosseeko
To xanthomaloosseeko
To pethee to malama
Tee to thelee talama

"e" as in "red"
'dh" as in "the", "this"
"th" as in "thick", "thin"


Above is the modernized Greek text (the change of spelling was officially adopted in 1982). Below is the original ancient text we were originally given...

Version 1

Version 2

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Thomy Verrou at the Institute for Balkan Studies in Greece for contributing and translating this song. Many thanks also to Monique Palomares for the transliteration and to Marietta Parianos for checking and helping with it. Thanks to Sotiris Kousouris for sending the 2nd verse.

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