Elena Vinnichenko from Russia wrote me in February 2005, "I would like to suggest to you one more traditional Russian rhyme for babies and kids. It is used when bathing in a river, sea, or swimming pool..."

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*Babies don't dive of course, but they may be splashed or something.

Eve wrote:

My name is Eve & I'm a Music & English teacher from Israel & I'm also a Russian native speaker. I wanted to tell you that I enjoy your site each time I enter, but also to correct you in this section:

Баба сеяла  (means planted & not ate) горох - on the version I know it goes like this [with the actions to do while singing]:

Баба сеяла  горох  - granny planted peas (4 short jumps)
прыг скок прыг скок - jump ride jump ride (2 high jumps each on every 2 words)
потапился паталок - the ceiling drowned (4 short jumps)
прыг скок прыг скок - jump ride jump ride (2 high jumps each on every 2 words)

Баба шла шла шла -  granny walked, walked, walked 
перожок нашла  - found a cupcake
села поела  -sat, ate (the kids sit)
опять пошла - walked again (the kids rise and start all over again)


Elena wrote, "When I was in Cyprus several years ago, I watched an English mammy playing a similar game with her 9 month old baby in a pool. It was very nice."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Elena Vinnichenko for contributing and translating this rhyme. Thanks to Eve for sending another version. Thanks to Lila Pomerantz for the drawing!

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Большое спасибо!