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Alegría, alegría, alegría
(Puerto Rican Christmas Carol)

Alegría, alegría, alegría
Joy, Joy, Joy
Canción de Navidad
Christmas Carol

Alegría, alegría, alegría - Puerto Rican Children's Songs - Puerto Rico - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World, Intro Image

Hacia Belén, se encaminan,
María con su amante esposo,
Llevando en su compañía,
A todo un Dios poderoso.

Alegría, alegría, alegría,
Alegría, alegría y placer,
Que la Virgen, va de paso
Con su esposo hacia Belén.

Los pajarillos del bosque,
Al ver pasar los esposos,
Les cantaban melodías,
Con sus trinos armoniosos...


En cuanto a Belén llegaron,
Posada al punto pidieron,
Nadie los quiso hospedar,
Porque tan pobres les vieron.


Mary and her loving husband,
Are going to Bethlehem,
They have in their company
An almighty God.

Joy, joy, joy,
Joy, joy and pleasure
The Virgin is on her way
With her husband to Bethlehem.

The little birds in the woods,
As they saw the couple pass by,
Sang them melodies
With their harmonious tweets.


Upon reaching Bethlehem,
They asked for lodging,
Nobody wanted to oblige
Because they saw they were so poor.

You can hear the chorus sung in the recording below.
Mrs. Mynelle Howells' 6AA Spanish class (2007) from Trinity Lutheran School has been wonderful enough to treat us to this video rendition of the Puerto Rican Christmas Carol Alegría, alegría, alegría...
This movie requires Flash Player 8. Download it here.
Many thanks to Mrs. Mynelle Howells and her 6AA Spanish class (2007) from Trinity Lutheran School for the video and to Mrs. Howells' son for his help recording.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Mrs. Mynelle Howells for providing the lyrics to Alegría, alegría, alegría and for the English translation of the chorus. The three verses were translated by Lisa and Monique.

Image: Saint Joseph Seeks Lodging in Bethlehem, James Tissot, France, (created) 1886-1894.

Many thanks to Mrs. Mynelle Howells and her 6AA Spanish class (2007) from Trinity Lutheran School for singing for us!

¡Muchas gracias!

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