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Plouf tizen tizen
(Algerian Kids Song)
Plouf tizen tizen
Ploof Tizen Tizen
Children's Song
Children's Song

Plouf tizen tizen
Sammaniyi maouzen
Tismin tis am mamin'
Sardin' a kaoukaou
Sardin' a kaoukaou.

Ploof tizen tizen
They called me "mawzen"*
Because they're as jealous as lice,
Sardines and peanuts,
Sardines and peanuts.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.


*"Maouzen" / "mawzen" / "maouzan"… means "ugly".


We received the following comment about this rhyme:

"The song is definitely Kabyle Berber. 'Sammaniyi maouzen' looks Arabic but it's actually samma-n-iyyi rather than samma-(w)-ni, as in 'called-they-me.' I have no clue about the third line; the Tashlhiyt word for louse is tilkint."

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