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Dame la mano
(Chilean Kids Song)


This song was written by the poet Gabriela Mistral...

Dame la mano
Give Me Your Hand
Canción infantil
Children's Song

Dame la mano y danzaremos;
dame la mano y me amarás.
Como una sola flor seremos
como una flor, y nada más.

El mismo verso cantaremos,
al mismo paso bailarás.
Como un espiga ondularemos,
como una espiga, y nada más.

Te llamas Rosa y yo Esperanza;
pero tu nombre olvidarás,
porque seremos una danza
en la colina, y nada más.

Give your hand and we'll be dancing;
Give your hand and you will love me.
Like a single flower we will be
Like a single flower, and nothing more.

The same verse we'll be singing,
With the same beat you'll be dancing.
Like a spike we'll be waving,
Like a spike, and nothing more.

Your name is Rosa and my name is Esperanza*;
But your name you'll forget,
Because we'll be a dance
On the hill, and nothing more.


*Rosa (Rose) and Esperanza (Hope) are names of women and flowers too.


Gabriela Mistral was a Chilean poet born in 1889. Her most important poetry can be found in her books "Desolation", "Tala" and "Lagar". In 1945 she received the Nobel Prize in Literature, and in 1951 she received the National Award of Literature in Chile.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Walter Velásquez for contributing the words, music and translation for Dame La Mano (Give Me Your Hand).

¡Muchas gracias!

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