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Sometimes these following lines are sung before the verse above:

Doi doi doi doiya putha
Bai bai bai baiya putha

The words seem to be meaningless, but the type of words you'd find in a lullaby. If anyone knows if they have a specific meaning, please email me. Thanks! Mama Lisa

Here's what we believe is the original Sinhala text:

නුඹෙ අම්මා කිරට ගියා
කිරි එරවා එන්න ගියා
කිරි මුට්ටිය ගඟේ ගියා
ගඟ දෙගොඩින් ගලා ගියා

Can anyone confirm that this is correct? Thanks in advance! Mama Lisa



MP3: Koon Wijekoon

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Koon Wijekoon for contributing and translating this song and for singing it for us.

Thanks to Lila for the illustration!


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