New Songs from Sri Lanka

We’ve just added 5 songs from Sri Lanka to Mama Lisa’s World, our site that features children’s songs from around the world in the original languages with translations in English. The songs are in a language called Sinhala. That brings the total languages we cover to 90!

Here’s one sweet Sri Lankan song that we added in transliterated Sinhala (for pronunciation) followed by an English translation:

Ranwan patai samanalaya

Ranwan patai samanalaya
Rosamale pani beela giya
Ayeth eewida ee samanalaya
Malwala pani bonta.

A Golden Colored Butterfly
(English Translation)

A golden colored butterfly
Drank nectar from a rose and flew away.
Will it come to my garden once again to drink nectar?
A child is worrying.

Many thanks to Varuni Upeka for contributing and translating this song.

Come visit our Sri Lankan Song Pages for more songs from Sri Lanka!

-Mama Lisa

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8 Responses to “New Songs from Sri Lanka”

  1. renuka Says:

    need sinhala small storeis for nursery kids

  2. renuka Says:

    thank you

  3. Michael B Says:

    Our nanny is from Sri Lanka and sings this song to our 22-month old son, who loves it and sings along. He especially loves to say samanalaya and beela giya. It’s a real treat for all of us.

  4. Sanjay Says:


    I’m from sri lanka and i noticed that the last two lines of the song were translated incorrectly. “ayeth eewida ee samalaya?” would translate to “will that butterfly return again?” and “malwala pani bonta” actually means “to drink the nectar of flowers”

    Just thought that i would mention it!

  5. nuwan chamara Says:

    ahasa nil patai
    kurullanta piyabanna puluvan
    oyage as dekath nil pata nam
    aya obata anivaryenmaa adarei ………

    blue is sky
    bird’s can fly
    if you’r eys’s are blue
    she must love you too……………..

  6. Sandesh Venuk Says:

    Nice to see something Sri Lankan. Many thanks to Mama Lisa.

  7. human from sl Says:

    thank you

  8. human from sl Says:

    i loved this as a child

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