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Palomita blanca
(Puerto Rican Nursery Rhyme)

Palomita blanca
Little White Dove
Canción infantil
Nursery Rhyme

Palomita blanca del piquito azul
llévame en tus alas a ver a Jesús.

Si niñito es bueno yo te llevaré*
porque con mamita te has portado bien.

Ella no comía ni un grano de arroz
y se mantenía con el corazón.

Ola, ola, ola,
ola de la mar,
¡Qué bonita ola para navegar!

Little white dove with the little blue bill,
Take me on your wings to go see Jesus.

If baby's good, I'll take you,
Because with your mommy you've been so good.

It wouldn't even eat a grain of rice,
And only with its heart it would survive.

Wave, wave, wave,
Wave of the sea,
What a nice wave to go a-sailing!


*Another version goes "Sí, niñita/o mía/o…" (Yes, my baby…")


This song is sung to the same tune as "Señora Santa". Thanks to Canzorema for confirming this and for pointing out that it's also sung in Venezuela.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Lilliam Cruz for contributing this song. Translated by Monique Palomares and Mama Lisa.

¡Muchas Gracias!

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