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Leron Leron Sinta
(Philippine Folk Song)


Leron Leron Sinta is a Philippine folk song and a children's song too!

Leron Leron Sinta
Leron, Leron, My Love
Folk Song
Folk Song

Leron Leron Sinta
Buko ng Papaya
Dala dala'y buslo
Sisidlan ng sinta
Pagdating sa dulo'y
Nabali ang sanga
Kapos kapalaran
Humanap ng iba.

Leron, Leron, my love
Up a Papaya tree
With him a basket new
To hold the fruit for me
But when he reached the top
The branch broke off
Oh what bad luck
He has to get another one.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.


Huub de Vriend wrote that this song can also be called, "Leroy with the Papaya".


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Eilleen Eugenio for contributing and translating this song. Thanks to Huub de Vriend for the midi and original score!

Maraming salamat!

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