The Itsy Bitsy Spider Around the World

Shirley emailed me looking for different versions of The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Here’s what she wrote:

I am desperately seeking 3-4-5 versions (songs) of Itsy Bitsy Spider for an around the world float.

Shame on me I left that chore until last and now I am having trouble. I’ve gotten English and Spanish. Please let me know if this is even remotely possible so I can make other arrangements.

Thanks Shirley

These are the ones we have on Mama Lisa’s World (you can click the link to get to the song page and to access the English, French and Spanish translations of the songs):

Denmark – Lille Peter Edderkop – The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Mexico – La pequeña araña – The Little Spider
Mexico – Itzi, bitzi araña – The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Philippines Ilongo – The Itsy Bitsy Spider – And Dutay Nga Damang
Spain – Itsy Bitsy Spider – Araña arañita
USA – The Itsy Bitsy Spider
France – L’araignée Gypsy – The Gypsy Spider

If you would like to share the version of The Itsy Bitsy Spider from your country, please feel free to post the lyrics in the comments below or email a recording to me.



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13 Responses to “The Itsy Bitsy Spider Around the World”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Betsy sent me The Itsy Bitsy Spider in Hebrew:

    Al ha kir tipes lo, Akavish Katan
    Tip tipot shel geshem girshu oto m’sham.
    Ba pitom hashemesh
    shibsha et kol ha gan.
    Ba pitom hashemesh
    shibsha et kol ha gan.
    Al ha kir tipes lo, akavish katan
    Tip tipot shel geshem,
    girshu oto m’sham.

    Chashavti she tafasti oto,
    Aval…..fistasti oto!

    Thanks Betsy!

    -Mama Lisa

  2. Chattis Says:

    This is the Swedish version of the “The Itsy Bitsy Spider Around the World”
    Imse vimse spindel klättrar upp på trån,
    ner faller regnet, spolar spindeln bort.
    Upp stiger solen torkar bort allt regn,
    Imse vimse spindel klättrar upp igen!

  3. fen Says:

    Long ago that I sang it, but this is the German version of the song:

    Kleine, kleine Spinne, wie lang dein Faden ist.
    Kam der Regen runter und der Faden riß.
    Scheint die liebe Sonne, leckt den Regen auf.
    Kleine, kleine Spinne kletter wieder rauf.

  4. Reneth Says:

    Maliliit na gagamba (itsy bitsy spider)
    Maliliit na gagamba, The little spider
    Umakyat sa sanga. Climb the branch
    Dumating and ulan, The rain came down
    Itinaboy sila. Pushed them away.
    Sumikat ang araw, The sun came up
    Natuyo ang sanga. It dried the branch
    Maliliit na gagamba The little spider
    Ay laging masaya. Are always happy.

  5. Susanne Jørgensen Says:

    This is the Greenlandic version of Itzy Bitzy Spider:

    Piitaq aasiannguaq
    Qarmakkakkut majuarpoq
    Sialuit tutsipput
    Piitap timaa masappoq
    Seqineq nuivoq
    Piitap timaa panerpoq
    Piitaq aasiannguaq majuaqqilerpoq

    I hope that you can use it

    Susanne, Nuuk, Greenland

  6. Leo Marley Says:

    Portuguese Version:

    “A dona aranha subiu pela parede
    Veio a chuva forte e a derrubou
    já passou a chuva e o sol já vai surgindo
    e a dona aranha continua a subir.”

  7. I.V. Spindel: Meet the Swedish cousin « Says:

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  8. Inday Says:

    I just want to share this song from our country Philippines.

    Ako Ay Nag-tanim I Am Planting

    Ako ay nag-tanim I am planting
    Isang pirasong luya A one piece of ginger
    Tumubo ay gabi It grows a taro
    Bumunga ng mangga It fruited a mango
    Nang pipitasin ko When I pick it
    Hinog na papaya A riped papaya
    Lumagpak sa lupa Fall into the ground
    Magandang dalaga It’s a beautiful lady

  9. Marina Says:

    Portuguese: I translated this myself using the version you have on here and going off the Spanish version. I think this Portuguese version goes better with the tune.

    A dona aranha subiu subiu subiu
    Veio a chuva e a derrubou
    Chegou o sol e tudo se seco
    E a dona aranha subiu subiu subiu

  10. Anne Says:

    Lille Petter edderkopp han klatret på min hatt
    Så b’ynte det å regne og Petter ned han datt
    Så kom solen/-a og skinte på min hatt
    Da ble det liv i Petterkopp som klatret atter opp

  11. Luis Says:


    Hämä-hämä-häkki kiipes langalle
    Tuli sade rankka, hämähäkin vei
    Aurinko armas kuivas satehen
    Hämä-hämä-häkki kiipes uudelleen

  12. Heleen Says:

    Dutch version
    Hansje pansje kevertje die klom eens op een hek
    Daar kwam de regen die spoelde hansje weg
    Toen kwam de zon op die maakte Hansje droog
    En hansje pansje kevertje die klom toen weer omhoog

    English translation:
    Hansel pansel little bug was climbing up the fence
    There came the rain which washed Hansel down
    Then came the sun which dried up Hansel
    And Hansel Pansel little bug was climbing up again!

  13. julia Says:

    This is the german version we always sang in kindergarden:

    Kleine Spinne Rosi krabbelt auf die Heck,
    kommt der große Regen, spült die Rosi weg.
    Kommt die liebe Sonne, streichelt Rosis Bauch,
    kleine Spinne Rosi krabbelt wieder rauf.

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