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10,000 Feet Up in the Alps (Hand Clapping Song) MP3 Midi  
A Rolling Acorn   MP3 Midi
Autumn Colors (Traditional Song)  Midi  
Bamboo Leaves are Rustling (Star Festival Song)  Midi  
Carp Windsocks (Boys' Festival Song) MP3 Midi  
Cherry Blossoms (Folk Song)  MP3
Early Spring (Soshunhu) (Traditional Song) Midi  
Gonbei's Baby (Hand Play)  
Hakone Mountains (Traditional Song)  MP3 Midi  
Happy Dolls Festival (Hina Matsuri Song)  MP3 Midi
Height Comparison (Children's Day Song) Midi  
Kagome, Kagome (Circle Game) MP3 Midi  
Little Elephant   MP3 Midi
Lullaby in Edo (Lullaby)  MP3  
Lullaby of Takeda (Lullaby) MP3
Making Mochi on the Moon (Handclapping Game) Midi  
Moon   MP3
Moonlight on the Ruined Castle (Traditional Song)  MP3
Mt. Fuji (Traditional Song) MP3  
My Home Town (Furusato) (Traditional Song)  
O Come All Ye Faithful (A Carol) MP3
Old Pond (Haiku) MP3  
Qui Kwai Mani Mani (Scout Song)  
Rabbit   MP3 Midi
Rainy Day   MP3 Midi
Sakura Sakura   MP3 Midi
Sakura Sakura 2   MP3 Midi
Smash, Smash as Always (Nursery Rhyme Song)  
Snow   MP3 Midi
Soap Bubbles Midi  
Song of the Cradle (Lullaby) MP3  
Spring Has Come (Traditional Song)  MP3
Telephone Song   MP3 Midi
The Glow of Fireflies (Graduation & Closing Song) MP3
Where Are You From? (Temari Ball Game Song)  MP3 Midi  
Wild Rose (Traditional Song) Midi  

Okinawa Dialect


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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Japan:
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Slate recently pointed out how the animation studio, Pixar remade some scenes in the movie Inside Out for foreign viewers. One aspect they changed is the vegetable Riley hates as a little kid.  For US audiences, it’s broccoli, a cliché vegetable that American kids hate.  In Japan, kids love broccoli, so they changed the hated […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Playing real video games for fun is a great way to improve your foreign language skills. I’m talking about games you’d want to play in your own language, not specifically language learning games. There are many fun games that are available in many different languages. I’m an early advanced French learner, so I understand enough […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Did you know that Japanese people do a circle dance to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw"? The version of the tune they dance to is a little slower and they call it the "Oklahoma Mixer"! Sadao Mazuka wrote to us about it from Japan: "In the description on Wikipedia, they say: ‘A slower […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Ayako shared her impressions about Easter from Japan… Hi, Lisa   This year I got some Easter sweets here in Japan. I was curious about the Easter tradition because we are not so familiar with it yet, but I knew the tradition from Mama Lisa's blog.   I was very impressed that Lisa naturally dyed […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    May 5th is Children’s Day in Japan!  Carp shaped windsocks are flown to celebrate the day. Crafts include origami (????) of carp streamers (?"????) and samurai helmets (???).  Here’s a video showing how to make an origami carp windsock… Here’s a video showing how to make a samurai helmet. (If you make it larger and […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Do you remember doing the Bunny Hop? I learnt it as a kid in the early ’70’s in dance class.  The Bunny Hop and the Finnish Folk Dance called "Letkajenkka" (aka Letkis) are nearly identical.  Both became a dance craze around the world. The Bunny Hop became popular in the early 1950’s.  The Ray Anthony […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Matsuo Bash? (1644 - 1694) was the master of Haiku! Here you can listen to some of his haiku about the moon in Japanese and English. You can read along with the Japanese text, the pronunciation, the English translations and commentary…. MP3 of Basho’s Haiku about the Moon ??'??'???'???????? kumo ori ori / hito o […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Ayako wrote from Japan about the Setsubun Festival…   Feb 3rd is Setsubun  ??.  Setsubun literally means "division of seasons" and now it means the day before the first day of spring.   There are many Setsubun events held in different temples and shrines in Japan.   This year I went to a Setsubun festival […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    People in Japan ring temple bells for the New Year and they watch the sunrise.  Sadao Mazuka wrote to me about these traditions: On New Year’s Eve, many Japanese people go to their local temple and wait for their turn to ring the big bell (one time per person). It is called ????, Joyanokane, "The […] Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    I’ve been writing a lot about traditional Japanese dishes for the New Year.  Here’s another installment! My friend Ayako wrote from Japan about the food she made for New Year’s Day: Lisa, Happy New Year ! This year I didn't have a lot of time, so I made just two dishes of New Year foods. […] Read more »

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