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10,000 Feet Up in the Alps (Hand Clapping Song) MP3 Midi  
A Rolling Acorn   MP3 Midi
Autumn Colors (Traditional Song)  Midi  
Bamboo Leaves are Rustling (Star Festival Song)  Midi  
Carp Windsocks (Boys' Festival Song) MP3 Midi  
Cherry Blossoms (Folk Song)  MP3
Early Spring (Soshunhu) (Traditional Song) Midi  
Hakone Mountains (Traditional Song)  MP3 Midi  
Happy Dolls Festival (Hina Matsuri Song)  MP3 Midi
Kagome, Kagome (Circle Game) MP3 Midi  
Little Elephant   MP3 Midi
Lullaby of Takeda (Lullaby) MP3
Making Mochi on the Moon (Handclapping Game) Midi  
Moon   MP3
Moonlight on the Ruined Castle (Traditional Song)  MP3
Mt. Fuji (Traditional Song) MP3  
My Home Town (Furusato) (Traditional Song)  
O Come All Ye Faithful (A Carol) MP3
Old Pond (Haiku) MP3  
Qui Kwai Mani Mani (Scout Song)  
Rabbit   MP3 Midi
Rainy Day   MP3 Midi
Sakura Sakura   MP3 Midi
Sakura Sakura 2   MP3 Midi
Smash, Smash as Always (Nursery Rhyme Song)  
Snow   MP3 Midi
Soap Bubbles Midi  
Song of the Cradle (Lullaby) MP3  
Spring Has Come (Traditional Song)  MP3
Telephone Song   MP3 Midi
The Glow of Fireflies (Graduation & Closing Song) MP3
Where Are You From? (Temari Ball Game Song)  MP3 Midi  
Wild Rose (Traditional Song) Midi  

Okinawa Dialect


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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Japan:
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    Ayako wrote to me about two popular Christmas songs from the Philippines that she learnt recently. Here’s her letter: Hi, Lisa I learned these Christmas songs from my English teacher.  She is from the Philippines. She told me that about 80% of Filipinos are Catholic and go to church about for 2 weeks ahead of […] Read more »
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    Sadao Mazuka wrote to us from Japan about Japanese idiomatic expressions about cats.  Here’s his email: Hi Lisa, I was very much interested in your blog post, "Animal Names used as Terms of Endearment" that was written by Monique. I don't think we have any phrases about a child or spouse with a connection like […] Read more »
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    Sadao Makuza wrote to us about Halloween in Japan... Halloween here is mainly a sales strategy in department stores and supermarkets. Children only go trick-or-treating if it’s arranged in school or with family and friends. Halloween first appeared in Japan in the 1970’s by the Kiddy Land Company store in Tokyo to promote Halloween goods. […] Read more »
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    Saffron has a wonderful aroma.  Adding it to your rice can make it taste extra special! The simplest way for westerners to make basic saffron rice is to soak 1/2 t. of saffron in 3T. of boiling water for 10 minutes.  Then add the mixture to your regular rice recipe when adding the water.   Ayako […] Read more »
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    There are lots of beautiful old photos of Japan online.  Check them out at the link! Read more »
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    Can you believe that the American song "Yankee Doodle" is the music that played at the start of the revolution that lead to an Imperial Japan? ‘Yankee Doodle" is a song from prerevolutionary America. The British used it to mock the American Colonists. Then the Americans turned around and proudly claimed the song as their […] Read more »
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    Sushi is a delicious cuisine from Japan!  Did you know there’s a right way to eat it?  Here’s how... 1. Pick up the sushi rolls (the type that’s wrapped in seaweed) with your fingers and dip one side into the soy sauce and put it into your mouth. The type of sushi that’s just rice […] Read more »
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    The Star Festival is held in Japan in July.  It’s called Tanabata. Tanabata means "evening of the seventh"... it takes place at night on July 7th every year.  Ayako Egawa wrote about it from Japan: "Tanabata is the Star Festival held on July 7th.  It originated in China.  We hang pretty fancy origami paper on […] Read more »
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    Here’s a quick podcast about why chopsticks became more popular for eating than silverware in some countries... Read more »
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    Written by Sadao Mazuka in Japan. The tune to "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" comes from Europe in the 18th century.  It has travelled all over the globe, from France, to the US, to Japan.  Here’s a breakdown of the route it’s taken... 1752 (France) - Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau composed the original tune to "Go […] Read more »

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