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Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (Nursery Rhyme Game)
Bog Down in The Valley-O (Traditional Song)  Midi  
Bold O'Donahue (Traditional Song)  
Briney Ole Lynn (Traditional Song)  
Bryan O'Lynn (Traditional Song)  
Cockles and Mussels (Folk Song)  Midi  
Colcannon (Halloween Song)  Midi  
Danny Boy (Traditional Song)  Midi  
Do You Love an Apple? (Folk Song)  
Fairy Lullaby (Lullaby)
Four Ducks on a Pond (Nursery Rhyme)
Frosty Weather (Nursery Rhyme)
How Many Miles to Dublin? (Nursery Rhyme)
If I Were a Blackbird (Traditional Song)  
I Know Where I'm Going (Folk Song) MP3  
I'm a Tiny Tiny Thing (Nursery Rhyme)
It's a Long Way to Tipperary (Traditional Song)  
Janey Mac (Nursery Rhyme)
May the Road Rise to Meet You (Irish Blessing) MP3  
Mitty Matty Had a Hen (Nursery Rhyme)
Old Dan Tucker (Nursery Rhyme)  
Old Mother Witch (Nursery Rhyme)
Old Riley's Daughter (Traditional Song)  
One Potato, Two Potato (Counting-out Rhyme) MP3  
Onery, Twoery, Dickery, Davey (Counting-out Rhyme)
One, Two, Three O'Leary (Ball Bouncing Song)
Paddy on the Railway (Nursery Rhyme)  
Postman (Jump Rope Rhyme)
Shule Aroon (Ballad)  Midi  
Skinny Malink (Rhyme)
The Beggarman (Traditional Song)  
The Fairy Nurse (Lullaby)
The Lambs on the Green Hills (Traditional Song)  
The Parting Glass (Traditional Farewell Song)  
Three Gray Geese (Nursery Rhyme)
Two Little Dickie Birds (Nursery Rhyme)
Wall Flowers (Circle Game Song)
Wee Weaver (Traditional Song)  
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Traditional Song)  

Irish Gaelic


One, Two, A Pig and A Cow (Nursery Rhyme)  
Forever Oh (Children's Lap Game Song)  Midi  
Hand, Other Hand (Nursery Rhyme)  
Halloween, Halloween (Halloween Song)  
Yay, Welcome Home! (Traditional Song)  
Hush-a-bye, Baby (Lullaby)  
I am Up (Ballad)  
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    The Ninepenny Fidil (Fiddle) is a song about playing a fiddle and about meeting a leprechaun.  The song was written by Seosamh Mac Cathmhaoil and arranged by Herbert Hughes to old Irish melody. Below you can listen to a video of the song, followed by the lyrics. The Ninepenny Fidil My... Read more »
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    The leprechaun is a fairy shoemaker eagerly sought by people who like to get rich quick. If the mortal who meets him will only keep his eyes fixed upon the fairy, the little chap will have to disclose the hiding place of a certain crock of gold. But the leprechaun is so full of tricks... Read more »
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    The leprechaun is one of the symbols of St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s a poem about the leprechaun for the holiday... The Leprechaun,--the omadhaun*!--that lives in County Clare, Is one foot wide and three foot high without an inch to spare. He winks the sea-blue eye of him, like other saucy rogues, And underneath the blackthorn-bush he... Read more »
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    Here’s an Irish Blessing just in time for St. Patrick’s Day... Irish Blessing   May your pockets be heavy And your heart be light.   May good luck pursue you Each morning and night. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! -Mama Lisa Read more »
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    Song of The Leprechaun or Fairy Shoemaker was written by Irish poet William Allingham (1824 – 1889).  Leprechauns are known to be shoemakers.  At the end of the work day, they hide away the money they earned in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Song of The Leprechaun or Fairy Shoemaker is... Read more »
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    There are many variations in different languages of "mother" and "father".  These are formal words that people use when referring to their parents.  But most words used to address our parents directly are less formal. In the US, most people don’t say "mother’ and "father" when talking to their parents.  Even when I was a kid... Read more »

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