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Naar bed, naar bed
(Belgian Finger Play)
Naar bed, naar bed
To Bed, To Bed
Finger Play
Finger Play

"Naar bed, naar bed" : zei Duimelot (=duim),
"Eerst nog wat eten": zei Likkepot (=wijsvingen)
"Waar kunnen we dat halen?": vroeg Langejan (=middelvinger)
"In grootvaders kastje": zei Ringeling (=ringvinger)
"Dat zal IK verklappen": zei het Kleine Ding (=pink)

"To bed, to bed" : said Thumbelot (= thumb)
"First, we have to eat" : said Lickpot (= fore finger)
"Where can we find some ?" : asked Longjohn (=middle finger)
"In Grand-Father's cupboard" said Ringeling (= ring finger)
"That shall I report" said the Little Thing (= little finger)


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Katleen Vanagt for contributing this nursery rhyme.

Dank u wel!

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