Yes, No or in The Barrel?

Nancy Trommer wrote:

“Yes, No or in the barrel? This comes to mind, but I don’t know from where or what the rest of the game was?”

Can anyone help? If so, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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8 Responses to “Yes, No or in The Barrel?”

  1. Michael Says:

    I was hoping you could tell me!

    It seems to me that my family played this game during long car trips in the 1960s and ’70s, or at least talked about it, but my brother and I don’t remember at all how the game was played.

  2. jeanne Says:

    darn, I have been asking everyone for years and I thought you were going to give me the answer. Well, I will be checking back, just in case. ;-)

  3. Linda Says:

    This is how my family played this game. My mom taught it to me years ago! Yes, No, In the barrel is a game in which one player is a questioner and the other must decide ahead of time on only one of the 3 responses: yes, no, or in the barrel. They must give these responses without cracking up, which can be difficult! In the barrel is of course the most fun response. For example, Q: Where do you want to sleep tonight? A: In the barrel!

  4. Gonchat means rewind Says:

    Yes, No, in the Barrel or Grandma’s Britches

  5. Michael Says:

    That’s it! Thanks, Linda.

    Ha ha, interesting variation, Gonchat.

  6. Jim Says:

    We played this game in our cub scout den meetings in the mid 1940’s. Getting boys to laugh was an easy task if you thought a little about the questions. We all knew each other and we knew lots of stories of dumb stuff we tried or did and remembering while questioned made us laugh.

  7. Joanne Says:

    We played it as a party game sitting in a circle with the questioner in the middle. Going around the circle asking each person three questions. Had to answer yes, no or in the barrel in that order. If you laughed or even cracked a smile, you had to trade places with questioner. If you answered without laughing or smiling , the questioner went on to the next person and you waited til she (or the next person who laughed) came to you again.

  8. sharon Says:

    Well, this brings back fond memories of visiting relatives when we were growing up. While the grown ups were playing cards and drinking their highballs in the dining room, my brother and I would be in our cousin Vernon’s room playing “Yes, No, or in the Barrel.” He was in high school at the time, a few years older than we were, so when it was his turn, things tended to get just a tad raunchy. But as I look back now, I realize that it was all part of our educational process.

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