What People Say at New Year’s Around the World

I asked Monique of Mama Lisa’s World en français what Spanish speaking people say for the New Year. Here’s what she wrote…

Spanish speaking people generally say Próspero año nuevo (Prosperous New Year) or Feliz año nuevo (Happy New Year). That’s what they say, and that’s what is written on their New Year’s cards.

Please comment below letting me know what you say in your country for New Year’s!

Próspero año Nuevo!


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  1. Lisa Says:

    To say Happy New Year in Yiddish it’s…

    Happy New Year! (for the Western New Year) = a goot yor!
    The Hebrew spelling is ?ַ גוט י?ָר
    I’ve also been told you can say goot yontov!

    Happy New Year (for the Jewish New Year, which is Rosh Hashanah) = leshono toyvo tiko-seyvu
    Pronounced as leh•sha’•na toy’•veh tee’•ko-tey’•vu or
    leh•sho’•no toy’•vo tee’•ko-sey’•vu
    The Hebrew spelling is לשנה טובֿה תּכּתבֿו

    It literally means “May a good year be inscribed and sealed for you.”

    Thanks to the Yiddish Dictionary Online for help!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I’ve been told that Happy New Year in Greek is…

    Kali Hronia
    Καλά Χponiά

    Please feel free to correct me if there’s an error in the Greek text!

  3. Márta Says:

    Happy New Year in Hungarian is “Boldog Új Évet (Kívánok)!” The last word means “I wish” so sometimes we leave it out. “É” is a sound similar to “ai” in the English word “aim” and Hungarian “e” is something like “e” in “met”.
    “á” is a sound like “u” in “cut”. “Ú” is a long sound, like “oo” in “tool”. I hope I’ve been a help. Yours, Márta

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