Weird Childhood Sayings

I saw a note on Facebook about the saying “Mama had a baby and its head popped off”.  It’s said when you see a dandelion.  While saying it you pop off the dandelion head like in the video below.  I had never heard this one.

IMG_20120404_150223It’s a bit like what kids say when they walk on pavement hopping over the cracks: “Step on the crack, break your mama’s back.”  I remember avoiding the cracks at all costs!

Feel free to share any sayings you remember as a kid in the comments below.

Thanks to Anne R. for sharing the dandelion saying!

-Mama Lisa

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    I am 46 years old and used to do the momma hadda baby too, and i never avoided the cracks though many of my childhood friends did lol (mom’s back is still fine btw)

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