We Now Have 100 Languages on Mama Lisa’s World!

This week we added two languages to Mama Lisa’s World of International Songs, bringing us up to a hundred languages on the site!

We added a song from West Sumatra in Indonesia where they speak Minangkabau.

We also added a Frisian Lullaby in the West Frisian language. The Frisian language is the closest language to English (after Scots – which some consider to be an English dialect as opposed to a separate language).

Here’s a link to our Languages A to Z Page – to access all of our languages.

We now feature 116 countries and cultures. Here’s a link to our Countries and Cultures A to Z Page – to access all of our songs and rhymes by country/culture.

Once again I would like to thank Monique Palomares’ tireless work in France helping me with the material and all the countless people out there who have contributed songs and time to the sites… also to my husband Jason Pomerantz for his technical support, to my kids for speaking quietly when I’m in the middle of a difficult translation (they’re very patient with me) and to my relatives who generally understand when I don’t call back right away because I’ve been lost in my work for hours or days. Merci à tous!

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2 Responses to “We Now Have 100 Languages on Mama Lisa’s World!”

  1. Monique Says:

    I’m proud to receive a public award by the one and only Mama Lisa from Mama Lisa’s World!

  2. Lisa Says:

    You deserve it Madame!

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