Valentines is a poem about a boy giving and receiving a Valentine card through the mail.  Sweet!

MP3 of the Poem Valentines

by Ellen D. Masters

The wind was blowing down our street,
And it was snowing some;
But I watched from the chilly porch
To see the postman come.

Across the street to Elsie’s door;
And then I meant to run
Before she got the valentine –
I knew that she’d get one.

I knew it would be beautiful,
With lace and hearts and things,
And pretty verses on the leaves,
And tied with ribbon strings.

I knew the verses all by heart;
I knew the bows were pink;
The hearts were gold; the lace was white –
Oh, what would Elsie think!

I saw the postman come at last,
And Elsie at the door;
She got a valentine, sure ‘nough –
I knew she would before.

And then I hid inside our hall;
And, when his whistle blew,
The postman called: “Hello! hello! –
A valentine for you!”

Sure ‘nough, I got a valentine,
With lace and hearts and things,
And pretty verses on the leaves,
And tied with ribbon strings.

And I have wondered, ever since,
And guessed if Elsie knew
For sure I’d get a valentine,
Before the postman blew,

Just like I knew that she’d get one
And knew her verses, too.
I never s’posed that I’d get one –
Do you guess Elsie knew?

Don’t forget to give someone a Valentine this year… it’s what makes life sweet!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Bertha Says:

    How do school children in Italy celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do they exchange valentines? Do they have a party? All the website about Italian holidays just give information on what adults do on Valentine’s Day. It would be interesting for children in all cultures to know about the different Valentine’s Day traditions for children in school. Thanks for a great website.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Bertha,

    I wrote a blog post to try to help answer your question at the link below:

    How Kids Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around the World

    Hope this helps!

    Mama Lisa

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