Valentine’s Day in Japan

I asked Ayako about how kids and adults celebrate Valentine’s Day in Japan. Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Lisa,

In Japan, we give chocolate to the people we like, boyfriend, husband, father … and recently kids give chocolate to their friends, especially girls to girls. My friend says that her daughter makes chocolate sweets by herself for the girlfriends in her class, over 30 of them!

I bought “ROYCE” chocolate for my husband. It’s the best quality in Hokkaido, Japan. I chose “Champagne” flavor this year. I love how sweet it is…

I bought Lindt chocolate for my father (though he passed away).

There is a family Buddhist alter used for paying respect to family ancestors at my mom’s house. It is called “butsudan , 仏壇” in Japanese. It’s common for Buddhist people in Japan.

So I went to my mom’s house this weekend and prayed for him there. It was his anniversary (memorial) day… and I offered my chocolate on the “butsudan”. (After offering, we eat it.) I miss him even now…

Have a nice weekend, talk to you soon!


Thanks for sharing that with us Ayako. It’s nice that you have a way to honor your loved ones who have passed away in your homes. We generally visit the grave, which is often far away.

xo Mama Lisa

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  1. Lin Fadelan Says:

    It is a beautiful harmony of Valentine spirit and traditional Budhist way.

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