Valentine’s Day in Indonesia

Lin wrote to me about Valentine’s Day traditions for both adults and kids in Indonesia. Here’s what she wrote:

Lisa, Valentine’s Day is well known here in Indonesia in big cities, many events are held (between February 14 – 28/29) usually having Valentine’s themes. We call Valentine Day Hari Kasih Sayang (Love/Caring Day).

We usually celebrate Valentine’s Day only by decorating malls/amusement parks with plenty of pink, red, ribbons and heart shapes, some young couples give each other cute presents (like chocolates, cupcakes, flowers, cards, jewelery, plush stuff and other sweet things). Surely many party clubs, pubs, hotels, restaurants and other public interest places also have Valentine themes.

Kids clubs (study/music/play/dance clubs) have their own way of having Valentine themes. They encourage their kid members to care more for their family, neighbors, friends and others who are relatively less fortunate than them. My nieces and nephews (10 to 24 y/o) usually send special letters or cards to their loved ones such as close friends and B/GF (if any). They will give big kisses and hugs to their parents and siblings, and me as many as I want (how sweet^^). They also told this aunty that they definitely have no special Valentine dinner… except I invite them … lol.

I usually buy chocolates in special Valentine packages to share with friends & colleagues whenever we hang out in February during & after Valentine’s Day. I never celebrate Valentine’s Day with my family, just like most families as far as I know. But we enjoy watching TV programs which have Valentine themes either local ones or from other countries. It is always interesting and sometimes so funny.

…about Valentine chocolates… my favorites are Baci, Hershey’s Kisses, Almond Roca and Ferrero Rochers. Their tiny packages are so sweet and taste lovely. My friends also love Lindt and Godiva. I once bought some chocolates with cognac, champagne or even vodka (there are about 20 kind of drinks and I bought all of them!) in it. I forget the brand name, but never the taste. All my friends love the chocolates when I share with them.

Love and cheers,

Thanks for sharing your traditions with us Lin! We eat those brands of chocolate in the US too and we have ones with liquor in them. I personally like Godiva, Lindt (especially their chocolate truffles) and really all of the above! Yum I love chocolate! Though lately I’ve been making my own candy for the holidays. I’ll post a recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups soon in case you’d like to try to make them.

If anyone would like to share their Valentine’s traditions, please feel free to in the comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo Mama Lisa

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  1. Lin Fadelan Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    of course I would like to read your posting about chocolate peanut butter cups recipe, it’s definitely so yummy. It’s cup cakes recipe, isn’t? I hope my nieces will love to bake some for me ^_~ .

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