Turkmen and Turkish Kids Go Door-to-Door for Ramadan

In Turkey and Turkmenistan, children go door-to-door for Ramadan singing and asking for a gift (like candy or coins).

"As the holy month of Ramadan gets under way, children in Turkmenistan are taking part in one of the local customs associated with the holiday: visiting their neighbors and asking for gifts as they sing a song of blessing." –Radio Free Europe

"Regarding the customs of Ramadan feast day in Turkey, children go from house-to-house in their neighborhood, they wish their neighbors a happy holiday and we give them (the kids) candy or some coins. But it’s done a little less these days." -Ayse

Here’s a video of some kids in Turkmenistan going to a neighbor’s house and singing a Turkmen Ramadan song to their neighbors….


If anyone can share the Turkmen lyrics to this song, please comment below or email me. We’d also love to learn in which other countries kids go door-to-door for Ramadan and what other Ramadan traditions there are for kids.

-Mama Lisa

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