"The Whale" – A Poem with Recording


"The Whale" was written by American author Ellis Parker Butler (1869 – 1937).

Below you can read this jocular poem and listen to two different recordings…

MP3 Recording of The Whale (Read by Tovarisch)

MP3 Recording of The Whale (Read by Beth Thomas)

The Whale
by Ellis Parker Butler

The Whale is found in seas and oceans,
Indulging there in fishlike motions,
But Science shows that Whales are mammals,
Like Jersey cows, and goats, and camels.

When undisturbed, the Whale will browse
Like camels, goats, and Jersey cows,
On food that satisfies its tongue,
Thus making milk to feed its young.

Asking no costly hay and oats,
Like camels, Jersey cows, and goats,
The Whale, prolific milk producer,
Should be our cheapest lactic juicer.

Our milk should all come from the sea,
But who, I ask, would want to be—
And here the proposition fails—
The milkmaid to a herd of Whales?


Mama Lisa

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