“The Town Hall Halloween Ball” Song

Here’s a Halloween song Karen Mack sent me, though we could use some help with the tune. Here’s what she wrote…

I learned this Halloween song years ago, but do not know the name of the tune.

The Town Hall Halloween Ball

We’re sip, sip, sippin’ on cider,
And pop, pop, poppin’ our corn.
There’s plenty to share,
All the folks are there,
At The Town Hall Halloween Ball.

We’re bob, bob, bobbin’ for apples,
And packin’ in the pumpkin pie,
There’s plenty to share,
All the folks are there,
At The Town Hall Halloween Ball.

There are hand gestures that go along with the song. I have the tune committed to memory, but would love to find a recording or sheet music as back up!

Karen Mack

If anyone could send in the sheet music, record the tune, record the song or send in instructions for the hand gestures, please comment below or email me. We’d be happy with any help you could provide!



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5 Responses to ““The Town Hall Halloween Ball” Song”

  1. Vince B Says:

    Looking for this song for a while – my son learned it in pre school over 15 years ago and I now need it for a kids show. The only reference to it on the whole internet is your post.
    Did you get any info on it and could you pass it along?
    Best regards,

  2. Aimee Says:

    http://klassyhalloweenmusic.wikispaces.com/ here’s the link to a recording of this song along with many others, it is a music teachers website full of recordings of songs for all seasons, holidays and celebrations!! I’m also surprised at how hard it was to track down this song, my son had just came home today singing it and had forgotten some of the lyrics which started my search :)

  3. Lisa Says:

    Here is what I just learned from a fellow teacher:

    (sol do do do-la-sol do mi)
    We’re sip-sip-sipping the cider
    (do re re re-do- la re)
    We’re pop-pop-popping the corn
    (do ti-ti-ti ti la sol ti ti ti)
    there’s plenty to share, all the folks are there
    (ti la sol sol sol-la-fa mi)
    at the town Hall Halloween Ball

    (sol do do do-la- sol do mi)
    We’re bob-bob-bobbing for apples
    (do re-re re re do-ti la)
    and packing in the pumpkin pie
    (do ti-ti ti-ti la sol ti ti ti)
    There’s plenty to share, all the folks are there
    (ti la sol sol sol-la-ti do)
    At the Town Hall Halloween Ball!

  4. Susan Beltran Says:

    This song was written by Betty Barlow. I found it in a teacher’s edition, grade 1 of a Macmillan music book called Music and You. It was published in 1988.

  5. M. Collins Says:

    I have a copy of the melody and a faint copy of the instrumental version of the song from the book mentioned above. Let me know how I can send it on to you.

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