The Names of Foods Eaten for the Chinese New Year

My entry yesterday about the Chinese New Year focused on Red Packet Money.

Today my friend Ray from Hong Kong wrote me about the foods eaten for the Chinese New Year. He wrote…

Food for the Chinese New Year… During the New Year, there are certain food items that people eat. These food items are picked because of their names. Chinese people like things that sound nice. For example, when it comes to phone numbers, license plates, and so on, they like to see the number 8 in it, because the pronunciation of the number 8 resembles the pronunciation of the character that means “get wealthy”. So, during the New Year, people eat food items whose names sound good. For example, there is one vegetable whose name sounds like “get wealthy”. Or there’s this cake whose name sounds like “get taller”.

That’s very interesting. Thanks for writing Ray!


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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hanchao from China wrote:

    Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival. That means Spring is coming. We eat fish on the eve of Chinese New Year, and save a little bit. That means we will have enough food to eat during the New Year. The people who live in the North of China also eat dumplings and spring rolls.

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