Looking for the Chinese Text to a Rhyme about the Chinese New Year

Hayley wrote me inquiring about a Chinese rhyme for the Chinese New Year which is on January 29th…

I have found the rhyme…

Chinese New Year

You’ll find whenever the New Year comes
The Kitchen God will want some plums.
The girls will want some flowers new;
The boys will want firecrackers, too.
A new cap will please papa
And a sugar cake for dear mama.

I really need this in Chinese text to show a group of nursery children and wondered if you could please help?

Thank you for your time.

Hayley Dukes

If anyone knows the Chinese text for this, or if you’d like to send any other songs or rhymes for the Chinese New Year, please comment below or email me.



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3 Responses to “Looking for the Chinese Text to a Rhyme about the Chinese New Year”

  1. Alice Brown Says:

    hello, I also work with pre-school children and am looking for rhymes to show the children as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. I also stumbled accross this rhyme, and decided not to use it as it is quite sexist and gender stereo typing, unless i spose it’s used as a spring board to discuss how not all girls like flowers… just something to think about….

  2. prakash Says:

    Hi people I am from India but in Singapore, I need the New Year song “Singainee Singainee” in English pronounciation so that I can teach my kid.

    Please help me!

  3. Anna-Marie Says:

    these are the simplified chinese karakters for the rhyme
    男孩将想?爆竹, 也是。
    和糖蛋糕为亲爱的妈妈 。

    hope this can help you
    kindest regards

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