The French Song “Ivan, Boris et moi” is in a Ukrainian Commercial

Stanislav wrote to me looking for a French song that’s in a Ukrainian commercial:


I stumbled upon your website while looking for one song. Although my request might sound a little strange, I thought I’d write you and ask anyway. I live in Ukraine and there is a TV commercial here with a French song in it which I really like. I don’t speak French, but I managed to hear some words in it. It sounds like a young girl is singing it, and I could definitely hear her sing different French names, something like Andre, Francois, Rebecca Et Moi. The song is pretty fast and by the end she names more and more names. I don’t know if you know it, but it sounds pretty popular, very 60’s-ish.


The French Song is from the 60’s and it’s called Ivan, Boris et moi. It was sung by Marie Laforêt. She does indeed sing a lot of names…

Anton, Ivan, Boris et moi
Rebecca, Paula, Johanna et moi
Sacha, Sonia, David et moi
Dimitri, Iona, Natacha et moi

Here are some links for this song:

The full lyrics in French to Ivan, Boris et moi
The lyrics to Ivan, Boris et moi with a Russian translation
YouTube Video of Marie Laforêt Singing Ivan, Boris et moi

Many thanks to Monique Palomares at Mama Lisa’s World en français for helping to find the lyrics to this song!


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7 Responses to “The French Song “Ivan, Boris et moi” is in a Ukrainian Commercial”

  1. Marina Says:

    Where can I find this song in internet (I’m about song, not about lyrics)?

  2. Victor Belyaev Says:

    This song exists with another Russian refrain (sung by Edita Piekha):

    Antoine, Andre, Simone, Maria,
    Teresa, Fransoise, Isabelle ee ya.

    Aнтон, �?ндре, Симон, Мари�?,
    Тереза, Фран�?уаз, Изабель и �?.

  3. francaise Says:

    To say that the translation into Russian that you refer to sucks can not really describe its level of incompetence. The translator’s killed the song, sorry for those who do not speak French.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Feel free to refer us to a better translation.

  5. nk Says:

    Here it is: Not exactly a translation, but does not suck.

    «Три плюс пять» (слова Леонида Куксо) в исполнении Аллы Иошпе и Стахана Рахимова (7):

  6. Lisa Says:

    Marina, you can watch it on YouTube here.

  7. Armageddon Says:

    Like everything else in life, songs must adapt to current reality.
    Does anyone in France willing to update this wonderful song ?
    Here is my suggestion:
    Anton, Mohamed, Ahmed et moi
    Abdalla, Fatima, Johanna et moi
    Sacha, Mahmud, Kalled et moi…

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