National Foreign Language Week

In the United States, National Foreign Language Week is being celebrated this week. It’s normally held the first week of March each year.

National Foreign Language Week was started 50 years ago, in 1957, by President Eisenhower to encourage Americans to learn a second language, thereby improving our communication with (and hopefully understanding of) the rest of the world.

Photo of Poster for National Foreign Language Week

National Foreign Language Week is mainly celebrated in schools around the country.

In my son’s middle school, each day they’re focusing on a different language. The morning announcements are said in that day’s language. The students are encouraged to wear colors from that country’s flag. So if the language is French and the country is France – they’re supposed to wear the colors of the French flag – red, white and blue.

Photo of Flags in School

Some other good ideas I’ve seen are:

-Decorate the halls with flags from around the wall.
-Label the names of the classes in different languages.
-At the entrance of the school write “hello” or “greetings” in many different languages.
-Ask school librarians to highlight books about different cultures.

Does anyone know of other ideas to promote cultural awareness and an interest in language learning in schools? We’d love to hear about any other ideas. Please comment below.



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  1. Monique Says:

    Learning how to say “I love you” -teenagers tend to kind of grunt when told about it but are very interested! They could be more interested by learning naughty words but I don’t think it’s school business to teach them!
    Learn a short song (and visit Mama Lisa’s World)
    National motto
    Name of famous writers and/or musicians + title of a work
    Pictures of:
    “National”/typical dish and/or drink.
    Some important monuments or events (Eiffel Tower in Paris, St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Great Wall of China, Sakura in Japan)
    Famous paintings reproductions
    Typical costume if any

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