The Fly – A Poem about Perspectives

The Fly was written by the British poet, Walter de la Mare (1873 – 1956). It’s a poem about how the world looks different to a fly. Everything is in your point of view!

Close-up Photo of a Fly


How large unto the tiny fly
Must little things appear!—
A rosebud like a feather bed,
Its prickle like a spear;

A dewdrop like a looking-glass,
A hair like golden wire;
The smallest grain of mustard-seed
As fierce as coals of fire;

A loaf of bread, a lofty hill;
A wasp, a cruel leopard;
And specks of salt as bright to see
As lambkins to a shepherd.

This poem can be found in Songs of Childhood, originally published in 1902.

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2 Responses to “The Fly – A Poem about Perspectives”

  1. louise Says:

    dear Mama Lisa
    do you know where personification is used in the poem The Fly by Walter de la mare????????? :)

  2. Lisa Says:

    Isn’t the whole poem making the world of little things the fly comes into contact with just like big things for humans? A rosebud becomes a feather bed, it’s thorn a spear, etc…

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