Tarte Tatin Made by Julia Child

Here’s a video of Julia Child showing how to make a French Tarte Tatin (upside down apple tarte).  We posted a recipe for tarte tatin in the past.  It’s interesting to see Julia’s version.


Watch the full episode. See more Julia Child.

Julia served her Tarte Tatin with creme fraiche in the video.  Creme fraiche is a cream the French serve with tarts.    It’s hard to find actual creme fraiche in American stores.  So Julia showed how to make it with ingredients you can find in the US at the end of the video.

To make creme fraiche, Julia mixed heavy cream with sour cream.  She warmed it in a small pot on the stove just long enough to take the chill off.  Then she left the mixture out overnight to set.  After that, it gets refrigerated.  I haven’t tried to make creme fraiche this way yet, but thought it might be helpful to mention for those who can’t find it at the store.  Enjoy!

Mama Lisa

NOTE: Nowadays, you may be able to find creme fraiche at Trader Joes. 

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