“Spring Wish”, A Springtime Poem for Schoolkids

Spring Wish
By John Farrar

A frog’s a very happy thing,
Cool and green in early spring,
Quick and silver through the pool,
With no thought of books or school.

Oh, I want to be a frog,
Sunning, stretching on a log,
Blinking there in splendid ease,
Swimming naked when I please,
Nosing into magic nooks,
Quiet marshes, noisy brooks.

Free! And fit for anything!
Oh, to be a frog in spring!

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3 Responses to ““Spring Wish”, A Springtime Poem for Schoolkids”

  1. Lynn Finberg Says:

    What a wonderful, light, magical image I received!! My husband loves frogs, I read it to him and he loved it too. Thank you

  2. Nimanthi Says:

    I want this poem recitation. if anybody knows pls send the link.
    Thank you

  3. Sam Says:

    me too need the recitation. Please let me know, If you found it. Thanks.

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