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When Pop Rocks and Lollipops Ruled the World

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My husband and I went to the movies over the weekend and felt like we entered a time machine as we watched people scoop up tickets to see Jurassic World, Mad Max and Terminator. This summer at the box office sure makes 2015 feel more like the 80’s and 90’s as Gen X’ers share the nostalgia of these new releases with their own children.

They say history repeats itself. We saw bell-bottoms make a comeback, and today, full beards are actually in style. One item that never goes out of style, however, is candy. Although it’s tough to locate some of the oldies, thank goodness for places such as old time candy barrel shops and even online stores such as Dylan’s Candy Bar where you can find the best – and forgotten – goodies that once ruled the world.

Remember Pop Rocks? The crackle and tingle of these mini wonders could put a smile on the face of any kid (and adults for that matter). Big Hunks were a sensation in themselves. The white chewy nougat mixed with fresh peanuts was always fun to stretch and mold before devouring. And, how about Fruit Stripes gum? Multiple fruity flavors all wrapped in one pack. The taste may not have lasted long, but that was alright because it was only a matter of seconds before you were ready to unwrap the next flavor. And, no mention of nostalgic candy is complete without including NECCO Wafers, Bit-O-Honey and Mary Jane.

We now live in a fast-paced, social media driven world where text messages take the place of face-to-face conversations and “online” replaces family time. We cannot change how life is today, but we can set aside occasions for dedicated family activities similar to what made growing up in the “past” so special for us. So, pick up some Jujyfruits and Chick O Stick’s and sit down and watch the original Jurassic Park, Mad Max and Terminator movies with your age appropriate children. Remember the candy and movies that once put a smile on your face and share it with your kids. Let’s show this generation what it was like before smartphone and tablets – when simple Pop Rocks and lollipops ruled the world!

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