Some Wonderful 100 Day Celebration Ideas

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the 100 Day Celebration and how the children in my daughter’s class each made a project with 100 items. My daughter just got hers back. She used 100 Legos to write 100. Here’s a photo of her Lego project below…

Photo of 100 Day Celebration Project

A teacher from Canada wrote to me with some brilliant ideas for 100 Day Celebrations. I wanted to share what she wrote with all of you:

I am a Grade One teacher in Canada (French Immersion) and all the Grade One’s celebrate 100th day on the same day. Together we collect 100 food items for donation to a food drive that has a bit of a shortage at this time of year. We display them in the hall and each class takes time on 100 day to count the items by 10’s (we usually exceed the 100 mark).

We also have centres where they bring 100 small things to school and we weigh them and mesure the length of them joined together. Each child also makes a fruit loop necklace with 100 pieces and we encourage them to make a pattern using groups of 5 or 10.

One centre is dedicated to doing something 100 times : blinking, jumping, taking steps. Vey active and fun. They also do a self portrait of themselves at 100 years old.

The best part about 100 day is getting the kids to dress up as if they were 100 years old. It is hilarious! One girl actually spoke with a squeaky voice all day! We also share a 100 day cake (with 100 cinnamon hearts on it) and they pour out a glass of 100 mL of water.

I think we do much more than that, but it’s all I can remember right now. Enjoy!

Thanks for writing! Please feel free to share your 100 Day ideas with us in the comments below.


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3 Responses to “Some Wonderful 100 Day Celebration Ideas”

  1. Karen is Thrifty Says:

    Cute ideas. I’m a teacher, so I appreciate these kinds of ideas.

  2. linda Says:

    hi i thought this was great and have now started planning an idea for my cub scouts for when we start back in september, as we are celebrating 100 years of scouting.many thanks linda from reading, berkshire ,united kingdom

  3. Diane Henderson Says:

    Great project! I pinned it on Pinterest! I have lots of freebies on my teacher site if you’re looking for ideas.

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