Some Noteworthy Language Tools

Here are some new and old language tools worth mentioning…

Speech Accent Archive – If you’d like to hear or study accents in English check out this site. People from all over the world recite a paragraph in English.

Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator – also translates internet acronyms like lol

Nice Translator – Uses the Google translator, but displays text in a way that’s easier to read.

Verbix – Conjugates verbs in many languages – online translation dictionaries translates words from English to: Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and French (translates in both directions).

Hello World – language resources for Kids – Visual Dictionaries in various languages

Feel free to mention any language tools or sites you like in the comments below.

-Mama Lisa

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  1. Monique Says: you’ll find quite a bunch of links to other dictionaries, theraususes and glossaries. is interesting for kids.

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