Smells – A Poem with a Recording

Here’s the poem "Smells" by Christopher Morley with an mp3 recording.

MP3 of Smells


Why is it that the poets tell 800px-Montana_16_bg_062406
So little of the sense of smell?
These are the odors I love well:

The smell of coffee freshly ground;
Or rich plum pudding, holly crowned;
Or onions fried and deeply browned.

The fragrance of a fumy pipe;
The smell of apples, newly ripe;
And printers’ ink on leaden type.

Woods by moonlight in September
Breathe most sweet; and I remember
Many a smoky camp-fire ember.

Camphor, turpentine, and tea,
The balsam of a Christmas tree,
These are whiffs of gramarye …
A ship smells best of all to me!

Recording: Lisa Yannucci
Photo: Wikipedia

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