Ideas for Creating Land Art

One way to teach children about both art and nature is to bring them on a trip outdoors and create Land Art.  Monique from France chaperoned a trip last year and sent these ideas and photos of land art to create with children…

How to create land art:

1,  Use stones and dead wood to create nice shadows in the sun.

land art - 098

2. Make a "snail tree" using branches and rocks.

land art - 135

3. Outline someone’s shadow with stones or wood (or both) and then spray water inside the outline to enhance it.

land art - 192

4.  Throw dust in the air and take photos.

land art - 265

5.  Pile up stones to create sculptures.

land art - 327

land art - 386

land art - 402

This last one makes me think of people going on a procession….

land art - 462

[Interestingly, I’ve been seeing more and more rock sculptures like these on my nature walks here in New York. –Mama Lisa]

6.  Build a giant bird’s nest.

land art - 359

7.  Build a bridge made out of sticks over a bush.

land art - 385

What great ideas! 

I like the impermanence of these projects…  teaching kids the value of living in the moment… to simply enjoy the process and experience.

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for sharing these nature art projects and photos with us.  Monique works with me on the French and Spanish versions of Mama Lisa’s World.

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